Got a Few Minutes? Take This Survey About Your Post-Lockdown Drug Use

The quick, confidential poll will help improve harm reduction advice for drug users in the UK.
Max Daly
London, GB
July 26, 2021, 10:36am
Man wearing marijuana novelty glasses
Photo: david hancock / Alamy Stock Photo

Are you using different drugs than you may have in the last 12 months? Are you finding it easy or difficult purchasing cocaine, ketamine and ecstasy now? Is your dealer still observing COVID safety practices, like mask wearing? Is the purity of your drugs changing and is the price going up or down? 


As clubs and bars reopen and music festivals come back to life after 16 months of lockdowns, the drugs we use, how we buy them and how often we take them could look very different this summer.

Will, as predicted, there be an explosion of party drug use? Or will the use of weed, booze and benzos continue to dominate, as it did during the pandemic?  

In response to these questions, drug information charity Release, which already looked at how dealers changed their tactics during COVID-19, is continuing its confidential survey of drug users to discover how the UK’s drug market changes following the end of lockdown.

Take part in the survey here. It only takes a few minutes to fill out, but it’ll help Release further understand the changing market and share harm reduction advice to keep UK drug users as safe as possible.