‘Salmon’ Is Now the Name of Choice in Taiwan

Who can blame them?
March 18, 2021, 8:15am
Taiwan names salmon free sushi
What’s in a name? Free sushi, of course. Photo: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / AFP

The Taiwanese government has appealed to the public to cherish their names after dozens of people changed their names to “salmon” to take advantage of a sushi restaurant promotion.

A popular Japanese sushi chain, Sushiro, launched a two-day promotion in Taiwan on Wednesday, allowing people whose names contain the two-character word guiyu, which means salmon, to enjoy free meals along with up to five friends.


The campaign set off a frenzy across Taiwan as young people flocked to add the word “salmon” to their names. 

In Taichung city, for example, at least 22 people changed their name to “salmon” on Wednesday. The new names include “handsome salmon,” “chairman salmon,” and “serve me all the salmon you have,” the city’s Civil Affairs Bureau said on its Facebook page.

Taiwanese citizens are allowed to change their names up to three times. 

On Wednesday, Taiwan’s interior ministry said on its Facebook page that people had the freedom to be called whatever they liked, but they should be careful not to exceed the quota and end up living with the name “salmon” forever. 

“Everyone please think carefully and protect your good names,” the post said. “Cherish the administrative resources.”  

Some people have told local media outlets they would change their names back after enjoying the free sushi. 

Those whose names contain characters that have the same pronunciation as “salmon” could also enjoy discounts at the restaurant chain from Wednesday to Thursday.

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