Young Female Japanese Biker Turns Out To Be 50-Year-Old Man With FaceApp

His thousands of Twitter followers are shook by the plot twist.
Koh Ewe
female japanese biker is actually a 50-year-old man with faceapp
Collage: VICE / Images: (L) @azusagakuyuki, Twitter, (R) Screenshot, Monday Late Show

Flashing a youthful grin in various selfies with a twinkle in her eyes, she was known to thousands of Twitter followers as a beautiful biker documenting her life in Japan. That was, until recently, when the true identity of this thrill-seeking young woman was revealed. He’s actually a 50-year-old man with FaceApp on his phone. Talk about serious catfishing.


The mysterious biker, known on Twitter as @azusagakuyuki, was exposed on the Monday Late Show, a popular Japanese variety show where hosts discuss the hottest and wackiest topics across the country. The production team had apparently tracked the biker down and found, instead of a bright-eyed young woman, an almost equally bright-eyed middle-aged man.

The unnamed 50-year-old admitted in the show that he uses FaceApp, the photo editing tool that can drastically alter one’s appearance, including their age and gender. He has been using it to turn himself into the Twitter-famous biker chick and even gamely demonstrated his process on TV. He apparently resorted to this kawaii persona for the social media popularity.

“If a girl like her existed, anybody would go crazy for her, right?” he said on the TV show.

His face might have been altered to an unrecognizable degree, but that glorious golden mane is all his. 

Even before the shocking reveal on national television, Twitter users had already pointed out a suspicious detail in a photo that the biker tweeted on Feb. 11. The photo, meant to show off the back view of a motorcycle, also captured a reflection in the bike’s side mirror — a man who looked nothing like the woman fronting the Twitter account.


“You’re using a cute phone case,” commented an amused Twitter user who zoomed in on the side mirror.

It seems like the biker is taking all that’s happened in stride. In a March 15 tweet that has garnered over 8,000 likes, he hinted at his grand identity reveal. 

“Hey, check out tonight’s Monday Late Show,” the tweet read, accompanied by a selfie with a charming smile — completely edited, of course.

And Twitter users are absolutely loving the plot twist.

“It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed TV like this,” one Twitter user commented, with reference to the biker’s TV appearance.

“Both your before and after pics are great!” another commented.

Inspired by his photo editing prowess, other Twitter users are also creating female versions of themselves and sharing the results online.