Playboy Model Raises Millions on OnlyFans to Try to Buy Soccer Team

Playboy model Daniella Chavez says she’s raised over $8 million in just a couple weeks in an attempt to buy her hometown soccer club in Chile.
​Left: Playboy playmate Daniella Chavez (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage) Right:  Raul Andres Osario of Chile League O'Higgins F.C.
Left: Playboy playmate Daniella Chavez (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage) Right:  Raul Andres Osario of Chile League O'Higgins F.C.

What would you do to own your favorite sports team?

Former Playboy model Daniella Chavez decided to turn to OnlyFans in her bid to become the owner of her beloved hometown soccer team in Chile, O’Higgins F.C. In just a couple weeks, she says, she’s raised more than $8 million toward her $20 million goal needed to buy the club.


The team is in the country’s top league, based in Chavez’s home city of Rancagua, about an hour south of the capital of Santiago.

“I am from Rancagua, I am a fan, and O'Higgins has been bad for a long time,” Chavez told Chilean radio station ADN. “I believe that with my management team, we can do things better, return to Rancagua a winning team, with aspirations. Not playing just to participate. I want a winning team that fights for everything.”

Chavez decided to start the OnlyFans account as a way to raise money because “I don’t have problems with nudity. I’m a Playboy bunny.” She appeared years before on the cover of the Spain, Mexico, and Venezuela editions of the magazine, according to her Twitter bio.

But after Chavez began publicizing her quest to obtain the team, a local sports website called Redgol interviewed someone from the O’Higgins ownership group who said that there “didn’t exist any options where the [ownership group] would sit down to talk with her [Chavez].”


Responding to the article, Chavez began blasting the team online to her millions of followers and saying that the family “closing the door for her to buy it [the team]” was “an act of discrimination” because she was “a woman, a playboy, and the way I am raising the money.”

The O’Higgins F.C. team quickly put out a statement calling the report “erroneous.” Instead, the team clarified that any attempts to buy O’Higgins F.C. must be presented "formally" and that they couldn’t consider offers solely "expressed through social networks.”

“We are a serious institution that is publicly recognized for its values. Our actions do not consider any fact to discriminating against a person due to their origins, race, or social condition.”

Chavez seemed to accept the team’s response and said on Twitter that she will continue her online campaign and that “when I finish raising the money, I’ll sit down to talk about the offer to the club.”

This isn’t the first time Chavez has tried to get into sports ownership. In 2020, she invested in Rancagua Sur Sports Club, a lower third division team in the same city.

But now she has her sights set higher with the city’s premier squad. And if her followers continue to support her on OnlyFans, she should be sitting down to the negotiating table quite soon.

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