What a Novel About an AI Documenting the Last Human Says About Our Real Dystopia

In her debut novel, Debbie Urbanski shows us the end of the world as viewed through an advanced AI that’s trying to write a novel about the last living human.
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The unreliable narrator of After World, the new novel from author Debbie Urbanski, is an AI tasked with writing a book about Sen, the last human on Earth. In this world, humanity is done. The world is moving on without us and Sen was born for a purpose: to watch the planet change itself without humanity. After World is a story about artificial intelligence, climate change, and what we can hope to leave behind for our children in a doomed future. 


On today’s episode of Cyber, Emily and Matthew sit down with Urbanski to discuss all of it.

Stories discussed in this episode:

The original short story: An Incomplete Timeline of What We Tried

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