The Communist Sex Workers Doing Financial Domination For Praxis

"I think that Marx and Engels would chuckle to see a bunch of working class people draining funds from bourgeoisie losers."
Dominatrix Mistress Gravity opening coat to show red dress
Photo: courtesy of Mistress Gravity

A communist financial dominatrix might sound like a paradox, but some findommes believe it's a match made in heaven. After all, the kink plays on a dominant-submissive monetary relationship – the type you see every day in the workplace under capitalism, albeit with more consent and pleasure involved than a McDonald’s manager forcing his employees to work overtime. (For the record, I still hate him for this.) 


Subs and paypigs get off on being degraded by someone taking their money, and sex workers – a historically oppressed minority comprising mainly of women, people of colour and LGBTQ people – benefit. Are communist findommes flipping the system on its head? Are they the modern day Robin Hood? Or are they just trying to survive in a craven, profit-driven economy? We spoke to five radical findommes to find out.

Mistress Gravity

VICE: Hi Mistress Gravity, do you treat your paypigs differently because you’re a communist?
Mistress Gravity:
I take into account the social status and class privilege of the submissives who approach me. I like to ruin the richer, not the poorer submissives. If I own a submissive, I want them to become better human beings and commit themselves to ethical choices such as becoming anti-speciesists and funding causes that I believe in. I expect them to oppose all genocides, read feminist theory and books that I like and ultimately choose their battles better. 

How does being a findomme fit your idea of being a communist?
Socialism is about producing and distributing wealth in the interest of all so that everyone can have access to resources, healthcare, housing, and a decent life. This is impossible in a capitalistic system where men in positions of power control everything and have a monopoly on all resources. I think findom can be a form of political resistance to this exploitation. An opportunity to reinvent gender power dynamics with a sense of social justice in mind. 


What’s a misconception about being communist and a findomme?
That BDSM shouldn’t be political. However, our feminist history recognised a universal truth: that the personal is political. When we contextualise the daily abuse and exploitation at the hands of the state and its agents, draining men of their blood money is not a bigger scam than how they acquired it in the first place. We are consensually tapping into their vulnerabilities because even they know that they owe reparations, especially to black doms. @gravvitygoddess

Dominatrix Queen Rini wearing shirt saying "pay me to spit on you"

Queen Rini

VICE: Does being a communist influence the way you humiliate a paypig?
Queen Rini:
Yes, very much so. All of my subs get educated on Marxism and, to a further extent, Marxist feminism as well… I link them to my educational resources so they can read and dissect theory. They can also fuck around with the Poe Bot I programmed explicitly to answer questions on communism. My absolute favourite subs are the right wing goons that will claim they want to be politically dominated and end up being un-ironically ideologically destroyed.

How does being communist influence the way you spend the money you earn from findomming?
I spend my money like most normal people spend their money – bills, food, and hobbies. In addition to that, I funnel a good deal of it into mutual aid and donating to different organisations. I try to stay away from giving money to companies that are exceptionally damaging within the context of capitalism, but we all ultimately have no choice, but to participate in capitalism because we live here. Cue the “you hate capitalism, yet you have an iPhone” nerds.


Do you see being a findomme as a form of activism against capitalism?
I think a more useful question is: “Can it be a form of activism?” And I think, yes, absolutely it has that potential. If you centre your platform as a dom to facilitate the radicalisation of your subs, then you are pushing education and advocacy for the larger narrative of liberation. @queen_rini61412

Dominatrix LIly Rosa in black top and nose piercing

Photo: Courtesy of LIly Rosa

Lily Rosa

VICE: Why did you choose to become a findomme?
Lily Rosa:  I feel like its the ultimate fuck you to the capitalist structure we live in, but it’s also deeply rooted in feminism. I, like many women, have been dealing with the unwanted attention of men for an unbelievably disgusting amount of time. I built my career in the hospitality industry, I saw first hand how much harder things were for me as a woman. I finally reached my breaking point working for a large UK hospitality company last year and realised it was awful everywhere. You’re a number to these people and nothing more than a way to line their own pockets. Why shouldn’t I continue to exploit the system in the same way these multi-million dollar companies do, using all the gifts that God gave me?

How do your views on wealth distribution align with your role as a financial dominatrix?
My goal in life is really to live a pretty simple, off-grid lifestyle (or as close as I can get with a social media presence anyway) and funnel any extra money I have into supporting other young and marginalised people to do the same.


Which communist figure do you think would be a paypig?
Marx is a submissive paypig for sure, but I think any cis man who dubs themselves a feminist or communist has got it in them. @GoddessLilyRosa

Dominatrix wearing black leather boots

Photo: Courtesy of Mistress XXX

Mistress XXX

VICE: Do your paypigs enjoy submitting to a communist?
Mistress XXX:
Right-wing, Republican, and conservative finsubs (I'm vegan so I don't degrade pigs by lumping these guys in) get off on the shame of submitting to a leftist. They're already ashamed of their shitty political views, and that shame coupled with the shame of sending money and submitting to a communist millennial hits the kink just right for them. They’re sending money to the same person they'd be calling a snowflake.

Which historical communist do you think would have been a good findom?
Engels would be my choice for a historical communist findom. It would be easy to say Marx because he was financially supported a great deal by Engels. But Engels seemed to take on the protective role that is so common in dominants.

What do you say to people who think that financial domination perpetuates capitalist values?
Every industry in the United States perpetuates capitalist values. It may be trite, but there is truly no ethical consumption under capitalism. Sex work has historically been a way for the oppressed to make money because it is difficult for them to do so in mainstream society. We need to eat too. I think tho, that Marx and Engels would chuckle to see a bunch of working class people draining funds from bourgeoisie losers. That is, of course, if they could get over the fact that so many of us are gay, trans, people of colour, and from other minoritised groups. @MistressXuk

Dominatrix Goddess V eyes in pink colour

Photo: Courtesy of Goddess V

Goddess V

VICE: Does being a communist change your work?
Goddess V:
Honestly, I think that being a communist allows me to have more of a humanitarian view towards paypigs (or submissives) — I know that they are just fellow members of the working class and that it is just role-play.

How would being a findomme be different under communism?
Living under capitalism has forced me to be in a position where I have to rely on sex work in order to survive. Under communism, something like financial domination would truly just be a role-play and for fun, as it was meant to be. Sex and money would be separate. 

Do you own the means of production as a findomme?
This is a very complicated question to answer. In one way, yes, I technically own the means of my own production, as there is no one that owns my labour as intellectual property. But I also technically "own the labour" of someone else? So it's kind of a role-play of the capitalist system, only I am the one that owns the means of production and I own my "workers".