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Go Ahead, King: Cop a Saatva Mattress for $300 Off

Break up with your box spring slab, and treat your spine to Saatva's plush mattress this Sleep Week.
Saatva’s Classic Mattress Might Ease Your Back Pain
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You may be good in bed—but this stuff will make you (sleep) even better.

I don’t know about you, but since the pandemic my body has developed all sorts of “mystery pains.” I refuse to accept it as aging, so it must be my mattress. While I do some mental gymnastics to try to figure out how long ago I bought my current bed, it’s a good reminder to do a little bit of reflection on your own sleeping situation. Could a new mattress solve all of our problems? I’m gonna be optimistic here and say yes, because ultimately, the better the sleep you get, the less irritable you are, and the happier you’ll ultimately be. Seriously—a bad mattress can cause plenty of issues, from lower back pain all the way to divorce.


Don’t let a bad bed freak you out about the inevitability of aging and the passage of time; there’s never been a better moment to invest in a new honk-shoo-mimimi haven than now (specifically, March 12 to 18), thanks to all of the insane Sleep Week deals happening. Case in point? Saatva’s incredibly well-reviewed Classic Mattress is marked down and ready for its new residency center stage in your bedroom. One of VICE’s very own staff writers discovered from a months-long test run that the Classic Mattress “actually got rid of [his] back pain” (read his review of the bed here), and if you need further evidence that this mattress rules, let it be known that it was also awarded Best Spring Mattress, the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers, the Best Firm Mattress, the Best Cooling Mattress, and the ‘Best Mattress for Back Pain’ by US News & World Report. And that’s not the only publication that’s doling out awards to Saatva; it was also named the Best Overall Mattress by Good Housekeeping and Tom's Guide, as well as the Best Luxury Mattress according to the Sleep Foundation and the Best Mattress for Back Pain by Forbes (phew! yes, that is a lot). 

With a three-inch Euro pillow top, three different firmness levels to choose from (plush soft, luxury firm, or firm), and a 365-night home trial, the Saatva Classic (on sale) means there’s really no excuse for sleeping on that hand-me-down Ikea mattress another day. In addition to the risk-free in-home trial, this award-winning mattress is also currently $300 off, with even more savings, the more you spend. Please, treat your aching bones, they’re screaming. 

The Saatva Classic Mattress is currently $300 off at

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