This Website Lets You Scream Into the Void

A website allows people to scream endlessly at their computer screen or smartphone and plays it back.
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For anyone wanting to scream endlessly into the digital abyss, the internet now has a place for you.

The brainchild of the Brooklyn-based ideas factory MSCHF, Scream Club is essentially that—a website where visitors can scream endlessly into their computer or mobile microphones, collectively with other visitors from across the internet.

“We came up with the idea after screaming on our Zoom calls and realizing how amazing it felt. The response has been amazing!” Daniel Greenberg, head of strategy and growth at MSCHF, told Motherboard in an email. “Whether you are frustrated, bored, lonely, happy, it doesn't matter—Scream Club is for you.”


You can also listen to the collective screams of everyone who's yelled into the site before you—the playback is hilarious, and sums up how many people must feel about 2020. It also highlights the different approaches people take when they do indeed scream.

There’s the long prolonged scream that one would imagine accompanies someone falling off the edge of a cliff—arms flailing wildly in the air. There is also the more subdued “Ah” that’s more akin to the sound a person makes when they open up their mouth so a doctor can check their throat. And of course, there’s the deep and primal scream that comes as someone lays bare their true feelings about the current state of the world.

Included on the website is a leaderboard, with the longest scream lasting 25,276 seconds. Either that person was having a really bad day or they were undoubtedly aided by some creative technical maneuvering.

Lou Carlyle has been a long time fan of MSCHF and heard about Scream Club’s drop through the MSCHF app.

“It is just so hilariously awesome—a website where the whole internet can scream together,” Carlyle told Motherboard in an email. “Who comes up with that? It's so simple, yet genius.”

Fair warning, audio content on Scream Club is not moderated.