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Stream 'In Between,' Young Prisms' Sophomore Record

The whole glorious record, streaming like a river of honey.

Photo by Hayden Shiebler.

Back in January we premiered the debut single, “Floating in Blue” from Young Prisms’ second album In Between. Now we’re bringing you the whole glorious record streaming like a river of honey. Conceived during a highly traumatic week-long encampment during a snowstorm at London’s Heathrow Airport, and born from the twin miseries despair and loneliness, In Between addresses the liminal zones between heartache and grief.


Heavily affected by the death of a close friend and further upset by line-up changes, Young Prisms have pulled together to put out a prismatic and lush collection of warm, gazey melodies. Channeling Mazzy Star, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Slowdive, In Between shimmers and coos over glistening riffs and lapping beats, much like the golden sun radiant on the dancing waves of the San Francisco Bay itself. Coming from a place of angst and anxiety In Between’s roiling distortion hews those harsh vibes into beautifully droning dream-pop therapy. Bop along to stand out hit “Runner” and try to get some sun this summer because those brutal winter blizzards will be back soon enough.

In Between will be available on March 27,on Kanine. Here's an exclusive stream from first track to the last, and check out additional tour dates below!

Young Prisms Tour Dates:

May 15 – Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA *

May 16 – Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, CA *

May 17 – Pappy and Harriets – Pioneertown, CA *

May 18 – Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA *

May 21 – The Blank Club – San Jose, CA *

May 25 – Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC *

May 27 – Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR *

w/Dum Dum Girls