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Fabric’s 111-Track Fundraising Compilation is Out Now

The club’s appeal is set for the end of the month.

Last month, fabric's in-house labels, fabric Records and the artist-led Houndstooth, announced the creation of a massive fundraising compilation, #savefabric. Today, the mega-album is out and streaming in good part over on bandcamp.

The project is the latest in a fundraising campaign for the club's ongoing legal fight to re-open following its closure in September by local authority Islington Council following two drug-related deaths. Fabric asked artists associated with both labels to contribute to the compilation by donating either a new track, or an alternate version of an old classic. Despite a very short turnaround of three weeks, producers responded in droves, with contributors including Om Unit, Pinch, Bruce, Addison Groove, Coldcut, and dBridge.

Staff said in a press release: "Ahead of the court date which will determine the long term future of fabric nightclub we'd like to present this compilation as a document of this moment in time but also as the perfect embodiment of everything fabric is and stands for."

Fabric's appeal is set for November 28. Presently, a petition against its closure has garnered more than 160,000 signatures, and its main fundraiser has raised nearly $392,000 (approximately £312,305).

Listen to the #savefabric compilation below or over on bandcamp.