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Saad Ayub and Complex Sound Will Force You To “Feel The Music”

Another collaboration between these two psytrance artists means another reason to dance.

For the psytrance fans out there, we have something special for you.

Toronto favourite Saad Ayub has collaborated with the progressive psytrance offshoot, Complex Sound, for a club essential track in the making.

But this isn't their first collaboration. The two joined forces for the Beatport chart topping "Stay," which left little reason for them to not churn out another duet. Thus, "Feel The Music" was born.

The track has festival anthem written all over it. Its humble beginning with those prototypical trance harmonies does not last long. It builds only briefly, before slamming into a bass depth that―if played on a quality sound system―could set your rib cage on vibrate mode. The track summersaults into a handful of different elements, some up tempo and others that are on the dark side. But it is consistent in maintaining the danceable quality that's crucial for listenability.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of "Feel The Music" above and whatever you do, turn this one up loud.

Purchase the track now on Beatport.

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