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Parisian Musicians The End Transport Us to La Belle Époque

You don't have to be Owen Wilson to appreciate this soundtrack.
September 3, 2014, 6:20pm
Photo by  Hugo Denis-Queinec for Ludovico Magno

It's fitting that The End's debut Cosmonostro album is titled Music For An Imaginary Movie, because there's really no better way to explain it. "Discoshit" is the soundtrack to the Parisian sexcapade of your wildest dreams, and the images that they're able to conjure throughout are so immediate and so vivid, you'd swear you were being transported straight into La Belle Époque.

Pre-order Music For An Imaginary Movie via Cosmonostro here. Out September 8th.

Live from Les Champs-Élysées: @bluuuuueeeeeee

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