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Toronto's juSt b takes us on an unforgettably deep, dark, and progressive musical journey.

Passion, intuition, and acute auditory sense are all hallmarks of a successful DJ, and Toronto's juSt b has them all in spades.

In the male-dominated world of electronic music, it's rare to find a woman on the DJ decks, but it's rarer to find a DJ with such desire, intelligence, and positive energy. I first encountered juSt b's unique brand of deep, dark, and progressive dance music during an underground party, and to say that I was instantly hooked would be putting it mildly.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Henry Saiz, Marc Marzenit, and 16 Bit Lolitas, as well a friend and fellow Torontonian Dustin Nantais, she takes enormous pride in crafting unforgettable musical journeys in the hope that these experiences will touch those around her in a powerful and positive manner. Consider us touched.

"For every mix I design, I put a great deal of thought into the track selections and message I wish to convey. My mood and state of mind are rarely static and as such, my musical inspirations are tremendously diverse. Whatever you hear is a direct reflection of my influences and what's happening for me at that moment. This mix is infused with deep, brooding, melodic, tribal, and rock-esque vibes, sexy progressive lushness, and fierce, darkened intensity. I'm always telling a story packed with varied emotion [and] I feel it all works really well together."

Listen to juSt b's Northmix up above, and make sure to check out her SoundCloud page below for more incredible mixes.

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