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NORTHMIX: Woodhead

Put on your dancin' shoes for this tasty sample of Vancity's underground.

A true west coast staple, Darren Woodhead has been holding down funky house vibes in Vancouver's underground for a while now. Originally from London, Ontario, Woodhead first moved to the town of Nelson, BC during the mid-90s, before settling down closer to the Pacific. Known for his legendary Sauna Sessions parties, where folks dance in nothing but towels, Woodhead has built a name for himself as one of Vancouver's best for progressive four-to-the-floor beats. Woodhead aligns with some of Western Canada's finest such as Neighbour, Max Ulis, Jesse Bru, Ryan Wells, and Andy Clockwork.


In his NORTHMIX debut, he kicks off with some easy, soulful house, before elevating the sound to more techy terrain that really gets the dancefloor going. And it all comes together in the end, easing out on a euphoric note. Before heading out to your next party, be sure to put on this tasty sample of Vancity's underground.

NORTHMIX: Woodhead by Thump on Mixcloud

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