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What is Trap Anyways?

We talked to the most turnt up dudes in Miami to get to the bottom of the trap phenomenon.
April 30, 2014, 7:30pm

If you can't tell from the palm tree-lined streets, warm weather, beach city architecture, and all the unbelievably turnt, sweaty dudes in this video, we shot our latest episode of What Is in Miami. And if our research is anything to go by, it looks the Miami contingent is starkly divided on the subject of trap music, a style of bass-heavy club bangers that combines Southern rap influences with dubstep's halftime swagger. We stumbled upon some of the weirdest—and, from the looks of it, most stoned—men in Miami and asked them to ponder the mysteries of trap—the results were both surprising and illuminating. Apparently, the lion is the "most ratchet animal" and DJ Carnage has some deadly enemies.

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