Women Found in DVBBS' Dressing Room Seek $360,000 in Damages

Six women were found ill or unconscious in the Canadian duo's dressing room in July.
August 6, 2016, 3:55pm
Photo via DVBBS' Twitter

Six women found ill in Canadian electronic duo DVBBS' dressing room in July are now seeking 100 million Hungarian forint (the equivalent of $360,000) in damages. Three of the six women were found unconscious and taken to a hospital for treatment. The women were found by cleaning staff after DVBBS left the Balaton Sound Festival in Hungary on July 9.

According to reports from Billboard, the women were initially invited backstage by the group after their performance. Hungarian media outlet Bors reports the group are expected to settle outside of court and for Balaton Sound Festival organizers to cover the remaining damages.

In a statement to THUMP, Balaton Sound organizers announced that they had canceled the group's upcoming scheduled performance at Sziget Festival in August.

Britt Julious is on Twitter.