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The World Sucks, These DJs in Puppy T-Shirts Don't

The cutest fashion trend taking EDM festival stages by storm.
All photos courtesy of Coded PR.

What's more PLUR than puppies? DJs celebrating their love for puppies via these fun new t-shirts. Yep, it looks a few DJs on the festival circuit are making our miserable world a better place by wearing tees from Puppies Make Me Happy, The Happiest Clothes on Earth™, a brand dedicated to spreading the good word: the joy of puppies.

Big names like Chicago-based house producer Kaskade, OWSLA signee Mija, Israeli dubstep producer Borgore, and the Australian electro house twin sisters Nervo, have all been spotted sporting the puppy-loving tees on stage.


This is undoubtedly the most profound development in the electronic music/puppy community since we became aware of Seth Troxler's dog's instagram, and a much more palatable festival-trend than headdresses.

You can peruse the selection of shirts at, and look at our DJ-wearing-puppy-shirts gallery below.

Kaskade again. He really loves puppies.

Snails rocking a puppy t-shirt. Marshmello seems to be less of a dog lover.


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