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Stream 'Agony Planet,' the Debut Album from Brooklyn's Techno Dream-Team DUST

Dive into 13 tracks of freakazoid techno before you catch the live-trio at Greenpoint's Goodroom this Friday.

If Brooklyn had its own techno dream-team—they'd have DUST on their jersey. Comprised of audio engineer Mike Sherburn, multimedia wizard Greem Jellyfish (I'm naming my first-born that), and Bossa Nova Civic Club patriarch John Barclay, the outfit is about to drop their long-awaited debut album Agony Planet on fellow Brooklynite Mike Simonetti's new 2MR label. 13 tracks of shapeshifting, freakazoid techno, the LP is streaming in full over at Self-Titled Mag, which also includes an explanation of each production from the group itself.


DUST will be celebrating the release this Friday with a party at Greenpoint's Good Room, where they'll be performing a live-set. Check out the album here before it drops tomorrow, and grab tickets to Friday's gig right here.