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Apple Music Boasts Advantage over Spotify in Almost 60 Countries

Spotify still has three times more subscribers, though.
February 8, 2016, 7:40pm
Image courtesy of Apple

Analysis conducted by Music Business Worldwide has unpacked an important layer of Apple Music and Spotify's international competition: territorial advantage. The music industry news site found that Apple Music has succeeded in pushing their enterprise into 59 countries where Spotify isn't available, while the reverse is true for just five countries. Apple Music's upper hand is largely concentrated in eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, while Spotify is able to claim market advantages in Andorra, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Monaco, and Uruguay.


When streaming platform Apple Music launched on June 30, 2015, it used its parent company's longstanding international reach to do so in 100 countries worldwide. Last week, eight months after their appearance on the global market, Apple Music's launch in Taiwan and Turkey knocked the grand total up to 112. That figure makes them the world's most widely distributed streaming platform, with their competitor Spotify coming in at a not-so-close second place, with availability in 59 countries.

While Apple Music currently has 10 million paying subscribers, Spotify is able to claim nearly three times that at 28 million, as well as almost 100 million active users, according to Music Business Worldwide. The competition might become a little more tense as SoundCloud prepares to gear up their own subscription service this year, a goal they recently alluded to in an extensive deal with Warner Music Group.

For more on the comparative analysis, see Music Business Worldwide's article here.

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