Hear Discwoman and Allergy Season's New Protest Compilation

'Physically Sick' brings together some of the underground electronic community's best and brightest.
January 19, 2017, 2:35pm
Release artwork courtesy of the artists

Brooklyn producer Via App, Vancouver producer Jayda G, KUNQ member SHYBØI, and more feature on a new protest compilation released last night called Physically Sick. Co-presented by Physical Therapy's Allergy Season imprint and the NY-based Discwoman collective, the collection features a wide range of experimental dance producers working across a numerous scenes and sounds.

Among the other artists who contributed are James K, Bookworms, Fatherhood, rRoxymore, Octa Octa, and Umfang; 38 of the compilation's 42 tracks are previously unreleased.


The cover of Physically Sick says it relieves symptoms of fascism, bigotry, violence, and demagoguery, and to that end all the profits from its sales will go to The American Civil Liberties Union, Callen-Lorde, The National Immigration Law Center, and Planned Parenthood.

A number of artists who contributed to the compilation including Stud1nt, Bookworms, and Physical Therapy will perform at a compilation launch and fundraiser tonight at Brooklyn's Gateway venue. There is a $10 suggested donation at the door, and all proceeds aside from minor expenses will go to the aforementioned four organizations.

The organizers describe Physically Sick as "extremely listenable fuck you from the underground electronic community to the future powers-that-be" in the Facebook event description, where you can RSVP now.

With Trump's inauguration happening this weekend, there are plenty more protest parties you can go to, in D.C. and beyond.

Physically Sick is out now on Bandcamp.

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