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Here's David Bowie, Stop-Motion Street Art, and a Musical Saw

Gladys Hulot a.k.a. Hyrtis does "Life on Mars?" like we've never seen it—nor heard it—before.

If you asked yourself what these three things have in common, you're not the only one. The answer is Gladys Hulot, a.k.a. Hyrtis, the French artist and musician behind one of the more creative David Bowie covers we've seen thus far. With "Life on Mars?" Hulot combines street art and her musical saw-playing skills into a fluid stop-motion filled with timelapse footage, graffiti, and more hand-drawn Ziggy Stardusts than you can pout a glossy bottom lip at.


"I made the arrangement with piano and concrete sounds modified with Reason, and played the musical saw on this cover," Hulot tells The Creators Project. Her version features a giant, animated Bowie head spitting out lyrics as a musical saw sings the classic song's melody. Citing the Thin White Duke as a "Teacher of Life," for her, Hulot continues, "I have to say that David Bowie is incredibly important for me: he pulls me forward as an artist."

"I don’t know if he already knows this work," Hulot concludes, but with any luck, Bowie's reading this right now. In that case, Hey, Dave.

Check out Gladys Hulot's website for more.

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