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Shine Bright Like a Projector with This Tech-Savvy Hat

Lumen Couture debuts a self-contained projector at a Calgary fashion show.
Images and gifs courtesy the artists

A wide-brimmed hat contains a battery pack, a pico projector, and an iPhone, allowing it to project any design onto its wearer’s clothing. Lumen Couture, created by MakeFashion, recently debuted at a fashion show in Alberta, Canada. MakeFashion combines technology and fashion, specializing in introducing fashion designers and artists to the possibilities of wearable tech. The orgnaization was co-founded by Chelsea Klukas, who helped to create the dress while working as design manager at Amazon. Her collaborator on the project, Chris Corner, a telecom engineer and entrepreneur, used his expertise to enhance the tech side of the fashion.


Though the projection system's design is simple and elegant, Lumen Couture was intially the result of two failures: Klukas and Corner first attempted to projection map a dress, but found it too difficult to get the entire system to move in sync with the model. They next attempted to place the projector on the inside of the dress, but this made the skirt transparent. Finally, the team avoided all snafus by deciding to place the projection mapping system inside a hat, completing their design.

MakeFashion has previously created other amazing wearable tech like a wedding dress which glows when the wearer feels love and prosthetics which are art pieces themselves. Check out the video of Lumen Couture below:

To see more from MakeFashion, visit their website.


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