75 Muralists Descend on Downtown Denver for a Street Art Festival

45 blank canvas walls await their arrival at The Crush.
September 16, 2016, 1:25pm
Patrick McGregor. Images courtesy the Crush Festival.

75 cutting edge artist from all over the world descend upon downtown Denver this week to paint 45 select walls throughout the RiNo Art District for The Crush, an annual street art festival. Last year the event commissioned numerous large-scale murals from a kickass roster of street artists including Lauren YS and Jamie Molina. Amongst the 75 artist participating this year are Jose Mertz, Mr. Cenz, Elle, and Bay area muralist, Patrick McGregor, known for his hyperrealistic portraiture (pictured above).

Jose Mertz

Over the last seven years, The Crush has covered over 50,000 square feet of mural space, attracting an annual 10,000 visitors to the RiNo neighborhood. Festival organizers work in conjunction with local businesses to host pop-up events that provide different opportunities for viewers to engage with the artists and ongoing works. Check out some of last year's masterpieces below:


Lauren Y.S (2015)

Jamie Molina (2015)

For more information, head over to The Crush website.


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