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A Group Show Demonstrates the Many Sides of Solitude

The art of being alone.

Isolation Chamber Vacation, installation view. All images courtesy Transition Gallery

It is a well-established idea that sitting alone can often provide the right creative space for writing, composing music, making art—basically producing fruitful work that often is much labored over but usually conducive to quality work. The art of being alone—with its attached technological challenges and those encroaching feelings of having already abandoned our privacy—is the theme of an upcoming group show titled Isolation Chamber Vacation at Transition Gallery in London.


Themes of solitude in Isolation Chamber Vacation take the form of a photograph of a female with her face-down next to a tin of meat. The photo, titled Reconstructed Meat Slices, is a pithy display of emotional emptiness, presumably left cold and alone besides a depressing can of  foodstuff.

Another piece is a haunting portrait of a woman looking out with black eyes from an extraterrestrial environment, all the while wearing a nude leotard and a scarlet wig. The image is a bizarre, campy visual but evokes that gnawing feeling of another life-form watching over humanity upon its little planet.

Isolation Chamber Vacation, installation view

Joyce Reconstituted Meat Slices, 2013, Juno Calypso

Isolation Chamber Vacation, installation view

Self Portrait In Bed, 2016, Kirsty Buchanan

Untitled Water Colours, 2016, Nicola Frimpong

The exhibit Isolation Chamber Vacation, in addition to drawings and photos, will also feature film screenings—Repulsion (1965), Paris, Texas (1984), and In the Realms of the Unreal (2004) will be shown—and in-house talks at Transition Gallery in London. Find more information, here.


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