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Magnetic Levitation Device Makes Any Object Float Like Magic

Design company Crealev made a machine that enacts the same effect as fairy dust.
June 5, 2014, 10:30pm

In what appears to be a leftover apartment decoration from the Houdini estate, YouTuber user (and illusion enthusiast) brusspup has shared a video featuring a device by design company Crealev that makes any object seem magical. Using a CLM 2 magnetic levitation module, brusspup suspends a chessboard, stack of books, and even a pillow about a foot off a table. And it's convincing as hell.

The levitation device can make objects up to 20 pounds float, and if you're crafty like brusspup, you can hide the CLM 2 so it actually looks like someone sprinkled fairy dust all over your knick-knacks. "As a kid I dreamed of the Millennium Falcon," writes brusspup in the "About" description. "So to see [these objects] floating just brings it to another level of reality." We couldn't agree more.


Crealev also sells floating displays for computer monitors and tablets, as well as floating lamps. If you were inclined, you could make it look like your apartment had the gravity turned off. See some stills of the crafty product in action, and head over to Crealev's site to learn more about their magical inventions.


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