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Wes Anderson 'Centered' Gets Kaleidoscopic

A symmetrical supercut gets a few more angles.
March 24, 2014, 5:50pm

Wes Anderson // Kaleidoscoped from Luis Enrique Rayas on Vimeo.

A Wes Anderson supercut is easy to love, even when it’s an undulating kaleidoscope of Bill Murray’s face and the villainous rat from The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Using the shots from Kogonada’s “Centered” video (which we posted about last week), Luis Enrique Rayas created a reflective video that further emphasizes Anderson’s trademark symmetry.


Unlike "Centered," kaleidoscopic Wes Anderson is a bit disorienting as eyeballs and chandeliers seem to melt together. We can't always tell whether we're in the The Grand Budapest Hotel or the world of The Royal Tenenbaums, but then again, that makes it all the more fantastical.

For even more Wes re-works, see "Mirrored." Somewhere, a twee speakeasy is projecting this on every wall.

h/t Laughing Squid