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Transform Any Image Into An Emoji Mosaic

With new app Emojify you can create emoticon collages from photos.
August 20, 2013, 2:31pm

We all love emoji, because there's no better way to express yourself than in the form of smiley (or not so smiley) faces—those little graphics have even been used to replicate fine art. And now with a new app, Emojify from Voidworks, you can create emoji mosaics from any images you want.

The app turns your image into emoticon pixels by you either taking a photo or choosing one from your album. You choose the image through the app and you're given the option of altering the number of icons you have and changing the contrast to optimize the pic. It then saves the image in hi-res (16 megapixels) so you can print them out. You can also share you creation on social media for extra megalulz.


Check out some of my own creations below.

[via Design Boom]