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Projection Mapped Makeup Transforms Men into Beasts

Using real-time facial tracking and 3D projection mapping, Omote hacks two men's faces, turning them into into robots and wild animals.

When we last left off, Omote (real name: Nobumichi Asai) was transforming a model's face using projection-mapped makeup. This time around, two men get the face hacking treatment through the artist's careful application of real-time facial tracking and 3D projection. Above, watch one transform a cheetah through the careful combination of light, motion capture, and CGI.

As with Omote's earlier project, details on how the face-swapping effect was created are scarce. What we do know is that alongside a team comprised of makeup artists, CG designers, 3D data scanners, choreographers, projection experts, system architects, and technical directors, Omote's uncanny ability to fully transform human faces comes to life. With the technical abilities of creative experts, it seems, and a little bit of computer-generated magic, the future already looks a lot like Face/Off.


Click here to view Omote's past face hacking project. Below, see the new work in action:

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