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Giant Projection Mapped Skulls Adorn The German National Theater

Combining Deutscheland's history with fascinating new technology, visitors to the "Genius Loci Weimar" festival were treated to three projection mapping spectacles.
August 21, 2014, 6:30pm

Images by Henry Sowinski 

At last weekend's Genius Loci Weimar festival, Dresden-based media design label joined forces with German sound designers Sound Selektorto enchant visitors with Klang 3, an innovative projection mapping project. Set against theclassical façades of the German National Theatre, to transport the legendary inner acoustics of the building to the audience in front of it, the mappers played architectural elements of the theatre— windows, doors, and columns— like instruments, by hand, drumstick, or violin bow. Their recorded sounds were then played outdoors, recreating the indoor-soundscape while the exteriors of the theatre were illuminated by visually-distorted projections of the building's inner structures.

One of the premiere international events for video mapping and façade projection, Genius Loci Weimar also featured the work of Italian collective mammasONica. The Sicilians' fusion of anaglyphic projections, stop motion and interactive coding employed the Duchess Anna Amalia Library as a canvas upon which they merged art and technology, tradition and modernity. At the festival's third venue, Herderplatz, where the bust of former State President of the South African Republic, Paul Krüger, faces a statue of German theologist and philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder, the German audio-visual performance collective Xenorama used nature as a theme to connect the oppositional intellectual worlds of these historic characters.

Below, some of our favorite impressions from Genius Loci Weimar:

Klang 3 dazzles outside the German National theater
Klang 3 against the facade of the German National theater

Klang 3, German National theater

Moya Facade, mapped onto the Herderplatz

Moya Facade, set against the Herderplatz

The Limen installation outside the Anna Amalia Bibliothek
Spectators watch on as the Limen installation plays against the Anna Amalia Bibliothek
The Limen installation lights up the Anna Amalia Bibliothek
The Anna Amalia Bibliothek is warped by the Limen installation.

Installation Limen, Anna Amalia Bibliothek

Check out more of Genius Loci Weimar's projection mapping madness in this awesome video from blogger Inka Cee aka blickgewinkelt:

To learn more about Genius Loci Weimar, visit the official website. __


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