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Mac DeMarco Embraces Yacht Rock, Releases Luxe, Lush New Ballad “One More Love Song”

Another new single from 'This Old Dog,' out May 5.

In a recent interview with Noisey, art school starter pack mainstay Mac DeMarco was fatalistic about the friction between his heavily ironic aesthetic and his music. "Maybe I painted some kind of weird picture," he said, "but it's something you've gotta accept, because it's out of your hands. It's like making music. The songs come out and they aren't yours anymore." Everything that we've heard from the 26-year-old Canadian's forthcoming fourth LP, This Old Dog (out May 5), has been a perfect refinement of his swooning, lo-fi indie, from the canine-pleasing title track to the smooth "On the Level."


Today, DeMarco shared another new single in "One More Love Song." It's an extremely mellow ballad that has DeMarco fully embracing his Yacht Rock tendencies. His laid-back vocals are backed only by a straightforward rock three-piece until a luxurious piano tumbles in for the chorus and DeMarco's falsetto harmonies kick in. As for the aesthetic, well, the video up top has a grand piano turning slowly on a neon-colored Saved By The Bell-style background.

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