Arkansas Little Rock AD Resigns After Drooling Over Soccer Player's Mom
Screencap via KATV


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Arkansas Little Rock AD Resigns After Drooling Over Soccer Player's Mom

UALR athletic director resigns because he's an idiot.
September 4, 2014, 5:50pm

University of Arkansas Little Rock athletic director Chris Peterson resigned Wednesday after he was caught making lewd comments about the mother of one of his women's soccer players during a game webcast. KATV in Little Rock obtained a copy of the webcast containing the comments made during an August 22 game against Chicago State. If you were wondering, former UALR athletic director Chris Peterson is apparently a breast man.

To wit:

"Much curvier…yeah…she had her [edited] hanging out, too. You remember that? I got to make sure I don't…I gotta make sure we know when Parents Day is. I want to make sure I'm in town for the weekend…She had two of them and they were out there for display…"

We don't know the identity of the player or her mother, but we can at least narrow it down to a group that includes mothers of women on the soccer team. For his part, Peterson says he was caught chatting with someone near the microphone during the webcast and has since apologized to those involved.

"On Friday August 22nd I made insensitive remarks while visiting with some athletic department employees at a soccer game. My comments were picked up by an open microphone, unknowingly, making a private conversation public. I have apologized to the parties that may have been offended by my remarks and fully acknowledge my words were insensitive and out of line. I've learned a hard lesson."

UALR chancellor Joel Anderson accepted Peterson's resignation, noting that while grateful for his contributions to the school, the comments were "unacceptable for a person in a University leadership position."