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Justin Turner Hits Home Run After Pretending He Was Hit By Pitch

Justin Turner tried to fake his way on base. Instead, he wound up hitting a home run in a wild game.
September 4, 2014, 3:15am

This is a great little bit of baseball action right here. With a man on second in the seventh inning today, Justin Turner took a pitch inside and claimed he was hit. Turner made enough of stink about it that manager Don Mattingly, with the thumbs up from Tim Wallach, challenged the play. It was reviewed and the call on the field upheld, so the at bat continued. Three pitches later, Turner went yard.

The rest of the game was just as weird. The Nats eventually won 8-5, but it went 14-innings and took five and half hours to complete. Despite the score, the Dodgers actually held the Nats scoreless into the ninth inning, when Adam LaRoche tied the game at 2-2 with a two-run home run. The Nats then took a 3-2 lead on a Denard Span single. Up comes Justin Turner again and the Dodgers tied it right back up thanks to a Jayson Werth error. The Nats took another two-run lead in the 12th inning, only to find themselves tied again because Carl Crawford hit his sixth home run of the season. There was much rejoicing in the Los Angeles dugout.

Alas, it was not meant to be. Adam LaRoche struck again in the 14th, this time with a fielder's choice that scored Ian Desmond. The next batter, Asdrubal Cabrera, put a bow on it with a two-run home run. Carl Crawford made the final out for Dodgers in the 14th.