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Dodgers Fan Films Himself Catching Home Run

A Dodgers fan filmed himself catching a home run ball and sno-coning it, to boot.
May 24, 2015, 10:55pm

The San Diego Padres are laying the hammer to the Dodgers and currently lead 11-3 in the eighth inning. But, in the seventh inning, Alex Guerrero gave fans a reason to briefly look up from their beers with a two-run shot to left field, cutting the lead to 10-3. Ordinarily this is a who-gives-a-shit? moment, but the fan who caught the home run made it an everyone-should-give-a-shit moment.

Not only did this guy sno-cone the home run—please, spare me the "no gloves at baseball games" stuff. You want to be the kind of person who enforces unwritten rules in baseball? No, you do not.—but he filmed the whole thing on his own camcorder. He's got the camera in one hand and his glove in the other as he tracks the ball, negotiates the stairs and then reaches down to make the catch. That is damned impressive. So impressive, in fact, you barely even notice he's using a camcorder, which is pretty wild because who even uses those things anymore?

This is apparently not the first time he's done this, either. Earlier this month (!!), he did the same thing at a game against the Diamondbacks and got the footage to the broadcast booth during the game.