The Bug in An Early Version of "MLB The Show '17" Will Conjure Nightmares

It's a tie for which one haunts you the most, but just let us know which slugger shows up in your dreams tonight.
March 17, 2017, 4:35pm

A bug in MLB The Show 17 early development (which has been fixed)
— Steve Noah (@Steve_OS) March 16, 2017

Remember when people were freaking out about Google's Deep Dream? You know, the software that plumbed the internet for all its commonalities and wove a fever dream collage of images? Well, those dog-faced, Salvador Dali-like images have nothing on whatever nightmares are being cooked up in the meth-lab horrorfields of "The MLB Show 17"'s lines of code.

Apparently the bug has been fixed—thanks to whatever old priest and young priest combo of programmers were on the job—but existed long enough for people to come across this pair of X-Files special effects rejects.

Our man on the left looks like some kind of mutant/demon genitalia partially exploded in a "Tron" minigame, whereas our dude on the right looks like whatever Nicholas Cage's face would look like if it were smashed into the bee cage from "The Wicker Man" for a decade: honeycombed, swollen and hammered in. I'd say it's a tie for which one haunts you the most. But I dunno—just let us know tomorrow which of these two sluggers shows up in your dreams tonight.

[h/t SB Nation]