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Subway Busker Plays "Meet the Mets" On Fiddle, Is Very Charming

The sunniest part of Manhattan is in the tunnel between the 7 train and Grand Central, where "Meet The Mets" is played as it was always meant to be heard.

A winning busking strategy right here.
— David Roth (@david_j_roth) November 2, 2015

Ah, New York. The Big Snack. The Umpire State. The City By The New Jersey.

It is true what you hear about New York, the culture truly is everywhere. Museums actually pay you to go to them. Handsomely staged, beautifully acted productions of Shakespeare's plays can be found in most bus stations. The culture is in the theaters and clubs and the famously delicious tap water. It is even in the subways.

What you see above is a woman named Heather Cole playing "Meet the Mets" on a fiddle, in the corridor leading down to the 7 train in Grand Central Station. It's free, although you are of course welcome to drop a dollar (or five) into her violin case.

David Roth, the brains and beauty behind our Weak in Review column, was on hand to witness Cole charm the Mets diehards headed out to CitiField for Sunday night's Game 5. She is there to remind them that the Mets truly are New York's team, even and especially when they're down and (almost) out. And she is smiling because she knows that she and her optimism are at the shining center of the very universe. The Big Snack indeed.