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Pinnacle of Humanity Cristiano Ronaldo is World's Most Charitable Athlete

Cristiano Ronaldo was recently named world's most charitable athlete. And for good reason.
August 17, 2015, 6:07pm

According to Cristiano The Benevolent is the most charitable athlete in the world, edging out wrestling star John Cena and Serena Williams for the top spot. Other notable inclusions on the "Athletes Gone Good" list are Neymar and LeBron (fifth and sixth most charitable, respectively), Richard Sherman (10th), and Ronda Rousey (14th). But let's get back to The Perfect Human. How did Ronaldo win the award? It wasn't just for being charitable to attractive women in Las Vegas.

The Portuguese soccer star raised money for various causes including donating more than $83,000 to a 10-year-old fan in need of brain surgery and giving more than $165,000 to fund a cancer center in Portugal that treated his mother. Ronaldo has also used his fame as a global spokesperson for a variety of causes including childhood hunger, obesity and biodiversity.

In addition to his biodiversity spokesmanship, Ronaldo has pretended to be a street urchin so he can play soccer with small children. And defended a child from a rabid and mocking press corps. He's also an outspoken champion of Facial Fitness.

The rankings are determined using a "three-part methodology" that includes public nominations and voting, the athlete's "influence on social media," and input from the Athletes Gone Good Advisory Committee. So, it's all very official.