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Someone is Using a Typewriter in the Panthers Press Box

Good for him.
November 22, 2015, 6:30pm

Typewriter guy wisely using the TV timeout to white-out an error. @bylindsayhjones @marcowill
— Master Tesfatsion (@MasterTes) November 22, 2015

You know what? Good for this guy. We all have technological lines in the sand. For me, it's snapchat. I have no idea what it really is, or what purpose it serves, and I am OK with that. My technological line is Twitter. I use that, I can upload pictures to it and everything. For this guy, the technological line in the sand is apparently anything after the typewriter.

To be fair, it's not one of those real old-timey typewriters, it at least looks like it's an electric typewriter. I may have written book reports on one of those things in elementary school or something. You know, with the little plastic covers and slide-on binding. On the other hand, the dude is literally using White-Out. Who has White-Out just hanging around in 2015? Or paper for that matter? Anyway, good for this guy. He's found something that works for him, and he's sticking with it. I hope his readers enjoy the gamer in Wednesday's paper.

h/t @MasterTes