Cardinals Outfielder Stephen Piscotty had a Rough Fifth Inning

For Cardinals right fielder Stephen Piscotty, it's three strikes and you're safe.
April 5, 2017, 2:10pm

Last night in St. Louis, Cardinals right fielder Stephen Piscotty scored one of the more painful runs you will likely see all season. In the fifth inning, Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta got a little too high and tight on Piscotty and hit him in the right elbow. It had to hurt a ton. An 89-mph baseball to your funny bone is, uh, no laughing matter. But, hey, at least you got on base—shake it off and start thinking about manufacturing a run.

— RT Ohio (@RT_Ohio) April 5, 2017

Piscotty then sprinted to second base on Arrieta's wild pitch. But the throw from Wilson Contreras hit him square in the left elbow. The good news is that dude is running out of elbows to hit at this point. The bad news is, well, dude is running out of elbows to hit at this point. Later in the inning, Kolten Wong hit a chopper to second base that Javier Baez had trouble barehanding. Since there were two outs, Piscotty was running on contact and made a beeline for home plate when he saw Baez whiff on the play. The Cubs second baseman regrouped and whipped the ball home to Contreras and…hit Piscotty directly in the head.

Piscotty had to leave the game and was evaluated by Cardinals physicians, who said he had a head contusion. He is going to be further evaluated today, but manager Mike Matheny said he answered questions from the trainers without any problems, so it doesn't seem that serious. They are likely being cautious because Piscotty was also involved in a pretty scary collision with Peter Bourjos in the field during his rookie season in 2015. Both outfielders were making a play on a fly ball and Piscotty wound up diving head first into Bourjos's leg, and knocked himself unconscious.

Last night was not quite as scary, but still pretty painful. And, hey, at least he scored a run.

The Cubs beat the Cardinals 2-1.