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Presenting Sexit, Pop Music's Anonymous Answer to Brexit

Sexit trigger Article 69!

If there's one universal truth today it's that Brexit means Brexit. Article 50 has been triggered, negotiations for the UK to leave the EU have begun and the bureaucratic highway we're all crawling down is looking long and never ending.

If you've started to feel like the whole thing resembles a loveless, political mess then Sexit are here to help you out. As the manifesto on their website states, the collective propose "a model of life which is holistic." Based on both the collective's name and their debut single "Article 69" – which we were sent – the form of treatment probably involves sex. A good old load of shagging.

The collective themselves are anonymous but involve some people you may or may not know from pop music. Find them on Twitter and Instagram and watch the video for "Article 69" below.

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