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Superorganism: the New Band Who'll Fuck with Your Brain and Turn It Inside Out

This mysterious eight-piece, supposedly fronted by a 17-year-old, are the truth.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

It's an undeniable fact that guitar music – at least in its primordial, gobby form – is on its last atrophied legs. A dinosaur waiting to be put out of its misery, decaying into the past, it serves on a tried and tested formula. Bands who play guitars, however? That's another story.

Lots of good bands use guitars, because the guitar is a primary instrument. It's like a saucepan in a kitchen. Like chefs, most artists employ the guitar as the means to create something. Sometimes, the results are substandard. Other times the thing that's created seems to have come from another world. This is where new band Superorganism come in.


A primer: Superorganism are a "super-group" comprised of eight members, spread between New England and London. One of them, Gorilla Vs Bear reports, may be a 17-year-old Japanese girl from Maine. They have two songs and they will fuck with your brain, turn it inside out, make you question what you knew to be possible from the art of using instruments to make music.

The first of these, "Something For Your Mind", has been removed from their Soundcloud, reportedly over an uncleared sample (but you can listen to it above). The second, "It's All Good", premiered on Matt Wilkinson's Beats 1 radio show last week and is available on Spotify (below). Both sound like a fresh and weird amalgamation of Pavement and Beck and Ween but put through the filters Brian Eno used on his Here Come the Warm Jets album. In no specific order they feature: air fresheners, references to not getting out of bed, broken minds, rain and big fucking hooks.

Have a listen, then.

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