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Have a Happier 2015 with this New Year's Eve Checklist from Rhonda

The legend herself, the one and only Rhonda shares her tips for success this New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve is the seat of power for nightlife in the Gregorian calendar. A day of this importance is naturally engulfed in pomp and circumstance. To help you navigate the seas of success as you sail into 2015, I've compiled a checklist of things no NYE reveler should be without.

1. Resolve

Growth comes from intention and New Year's Eve isn't a spectator sport. This night demands to be treated differently. The way you attack this occasion sets the tone for the rest of the year. Enter the threshold with the unshakeable resolve of complete ownership of the night.


2. Goals/Plan/Initiative

As you arm yourself with aforementioned resolve to scale the mountain of possibilities that is New Year's Eve, it's important you have a vision of a new you in mind. Perpetual growth is what will keep you attractive. Think hard about the person you are and the person you want to be and set a resolution to bring you nearer to your perfect self.

3. Touch-up Kit

New Year's Eve has the rare distinction of being both a sprint and a marathon, albeit one done in full evening attire. To make sure that you never look less than absolutely flawless, keep a cute caboodle of strategic touch-up tools in your clutch to make sure you're putting your best face forward as you pierce the veil of 2015. Tactical implementations of lipstick, rouge and mascara will keep you radiant throughout the long and bountiful night.

4) A Protégé

As another year wears on, it becomes clearer and clearer that engaging a protégé is the way to ensure the immortality of your hard-won sapience. Engage a young upstart that can perpetuate your huge vision long after your earthly corpse fulfills its purpose.

5. The letters Y-E-S

I'll try anything three times and if my full and beautiful life is anything to go by, then this mantra is 1000% guaranteed to grant the user infinite fun and success. This momentous night is no time to harbor inhibitions; by maintaining a fiercely can-do/will-do attitude in the face of all the fun, dancing and possibilities New Year's Eve can throw at you, you are ensuring that the version of you who emerges on the other side of 2015 is going to seize every opportunity thrown your way.


6. Gowns

When you sashay down that spiral staircase of time into the new year, the more extravagance you leave in your wake, the better. This is the night to go full-length, high-slit and long-tail. Because who can forget those gowns? No one.

7. A Radiant Luminescence

An occasion with this much pomp and circumstance requires attire that sets the room on fire. Make sure you're sufficiently sequined and shining beyond belief! On New Year's Eve, all that glitters is greater than gold. Don't forget cucumber! For eyes or hoohah—your choice. Future's bright and we're the brightest.

8. Young Warm Blood

If you're like me, you're going to want to have this much fun well into eternity. Eternal epicureans have been transfusing the blood of the young for eons. Pleasure forever at any cost.

9. Sharp Eyes and a Hot Mouth

Where you place your lips on the strike of midnight is a crucial aspect of the New Year's celebrations that we hold so dear. This is a moment not to be taken lightly, and keen strategizing is required to ensure total success of this hot second. If you don't have a significant other to thrust your love upon when the clock strikes 12, keep your eyes open for a creature that sets your heart ablaze. When the moment is right, sink your teeth in and don't let go.

Rhonda is a woman and a party. Her annual New Year's Eve celebration, Rhondapolis, starts Wednesday, December 31, 2014 in Los Angeles. If you're in Southern California, get tickets here. For other places to heed Rhonda's wisdom and New Year's Eve advice, look at our Ultimate New Year's Eve Guide.

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