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tINI Waxes Wise as BPM Kicks Off in Mexico

She's got her gang in tow as the party gets underway.
January 10, 2015, 4:35am

Today, January 9, marks the first official day of festivities for The BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Among the techno tourists and DJs descending on the Mexican Riviera hotspot is Berlin-based purveyor of all-things-deep, tINI, who knows her way around a beach and a beat. Her own showcase, tINI and the Gang, has become a fixture at BPM after two successful events in 2013 and 2014, and this year looks to continue that trend.


"I first played BPM few years ago, and every year the festival grows bigger and better," she tells THUMP. "More people find out about it every year and it is continuously expanding. Every year there are more parties and more label showcases."

Beyond being what tINI refers to as an "important" festival," not surprisingly, Playa's environs are as much of a draw to BPM-ers as is the music.

"Aside from being back on the beach and partying with my gang, what I'm looking forward to most is enjoying some of the natural surroundings," says tINI. "With such a busy schedule it is nice to get out into nature and enjoy the change of scenery and especially the sun."

"When people are talking about the 'vibe' of BPM, they are referring to the energy of the parties," she continues. "One of the things that sets BPM apart from other festivals is the unity of the crowd and the energy that is being bounced back and forth between party goers and the DJs. Everyone is so happy to be there that the energy at the parties is super positive."

As it is for many artists playing the festival, BPM is more than just a performance, but also about discovering new music themselves. "As BPM has been growing bigger and bigger over the years, most of the attendees know what they are getting themselves into," she says. "It takes a lot of endurance and an open mind to ensure the best experience possible. A wide range of music is being showcased and to get the most out of the festival; it is important to enter with an unbiased opinion and be ready to check out acts that are unfamiliar."

Still, nothing can match the sun and the sand. "Definitely stay outdoors," the Berliner advises. "Enjoy the sunlight, check out the beaches, and if you get the chance to venture into the jungle, the cenotes are amazing."

Check out tINI and the Gang's showcase at BPM:

tINI and the Gang happens at Fusion Beach Club on Tuesday, January 13th.
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