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Nina Kraviz Cashes In With Her New Label трип

No longer the Miley Cyrus of techno.

Look at the picture above. Guess who she is. No, not some chick carrying your bottle service tray at the club, but Nina Kraviz, the superstar Russian producer and DJ. Today she's announced that she'll be starting her very own label трип (read: trip) this September, placing Kraviz on the short list of the female label-heads in the world. трип will feature her own signature trippy, acid-influenced hypnotic prodcution as well as music from artists who inspire her work.


After being dragged through the dirt for her public persona and "cast away as techno's Miley Cyrus," as The Guardian wrote last year, Kraviz is back to prove it's really been about the music all along. Try to pin this label on her looks now, boys. Plus, since she's a constant traveller, Kraviz will have a diverse collection of DJs and trip-inducing sounds from around the world.

To kick off the international affair, Kraviz is breaking in the label with a series of parties. The first is scheduled for June 14 in Barcelona featuring Detroit's Luke Hess, Breaker 1 2, Ukranian producer Stanislav Tolckachev, Berlin-based Milton Bradley pres. Alien Rain and, of course, Kraviz herself. Just remember that when Kraviz is surrounded by all those guys, she's not just a novelty, rather the leader. Don't trip.

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