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Reza Ali Experiments With Dazzling Generative Typography

Some of these fonts are pretty far out.

We’ve posted previously about Reza Ali’s generative typography experiments. Last year he created a series of monochrome treatments with a Processing sketch that uses springs and particles with some stunning, spindly results. Using the same techniques and having added the element of color, Ali continues his experiments with “typography, color, simulations (particles, springs, and fluid), audio-input and simple rule based systems,” producing intricate and bespoke designs that would look gorgeous on the cover of a magazine or album cover.


His most recent set involved audio-responsive designs, creating a fluid field that pushed the particles around to create swirling, chromatic patterns. Adding behaviors to the particles—following physical forces like gravity and repulsion, giving them a mission like tracing a path, and making mesh-like grids of particles and using a tracer to outline the type—produced a wide range of dazzling effects.

The beautiful results of his coding experiments vary depending on the method, from the psychedelic to the spiky or melty—all of them appealing to the eye. You can read more about the creative process that produced each unique style in more detail over on his blog.