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Introducing A Dress That Responds To Your Heartbeat

The Presence of Heart Dress by designer Alison Lewis, responds to the wearer’s heartbeat, merging tech and fashion to create a more personal connection between wearer, dress and viewer.
September 26, 2012, 9:28pm

Sometimes technology and fashion merge in rather inconspicuous ways, weaving themselves together (sometimes quite literally) into a garment’s structure in order to redefine the technicalities of the garment’s design. But other times, the fusion of technology and fashion yield much more blatant results, as seen in Moritz Waldemeyer’s spinning LED headpieces, or wearable cat tails that reflect the mood of the wearer.

But what about a designer who ties technology into the construction of her clothing, while also presenting its use of technology in an obvious and beautiful way? Alison Lewis, the designer behind the Presence of Heart Dress, which is being showcased tonight at Studio64, San Francisco’s Fashion Technology Event at Club Temple, does just that. The dress uses "sensing and textile technologies" that gather information from its surroundings in order to respond to the wearer’s heartbeat. The information gathered illuminates various sets of lights, creating a beautiful, beating light show that’s in sync with the wearer’s heart.

Photos courtesy of Alison Lewis.