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Net Artist Spawns Clear Blue Skies, Gentle Waves And Pixel Whirlpools

This semi-anonymous artist could be a seapunk in disguise.
December 22, 2011, 8:22pm

SKY.PLANE.GIRL from gusti fink on Vimeo.

Once again, when young artists manage to leave vague digital footprints, making our duty to inform harder than ever, all we can do is fall back on the scraps of info that we can gather. Recently, tiring Google searches crossed with meticulous Vimeo browsing brought us a ridiculously small amount of facts on the Academic curriculum, place of work and first circle of artistic friends of Travess Smalley.


This week, the identification task proved a little more complicated. Here is what we can say about the mysterious artist behind these videos: his nickname is Gusti Fink (at least on Vimeo), we are almost positive he's French due to his Soundcloud account and he runs a well-curated Tumblr specifically catered towards other net artists and GIF aficionados.

Through this thick fog, his videos speak for themselves. They deploy a rough, lo-fi, saturated aesthetic influenced by early 2000s digital art and maybe by Waverace 64. Most of his films are just short clips—about 15-20 seconds long—and present a single pattern or a 3D-rendered texture, yet are long enough for us to notice a possible affinity towards the rising seapunk imagery (we did not see that one coming either).

But we also find the entrancing surreal music video SKY.PLANE.GIRL (above) taking us on a pleasant journey from sea to land to air, in a strip of sequences with a soundtrack provided by the Chilltune act Robot Science (chilltune being a chiptune and chillwave crossover I want to coin for posterity, since someone already coined Chipwave to my despair).