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A Device To Measure The Emotional Make-up Of Your City

Mithru Vigneshwara’s Aleph of Emotions uses Twitter to visualize a place’s emotions.

People are constantly concerned about emotional well being of themselves and their loved ones, but what about the cities of the world? No one ever asks how they’re feeling. Creative Applications reports on a custom-made device by Mithru Vigneshwara called Aleph of Emotions which uses Twitter to gauge a city’s emotions and displays them in a visualization on the handheld device.

The user points the device in the direction of the place they’d like to survey for emotion, then clicks on it to create a visualization.


Vigneshwara explains:

Aleph of Emotions is an experimental art project that deals with emotions. The Aleph, according to the author, Jorge Luis Borges, is a point in the Universe where all other points exist. Therefore, anyone looking at the Aleph could see everything in the Universe at once. In this project, I use the Aleph as a metaphor for an archive; Aleph of Emotions refers to an archive of emotions. This archive is produced by data collected from twitter. Data is collected based on keywords that define certain emotions. The results are finally presented with an interactive object.

The camera-like interface allows users to point along a particular direction, focus to a place along that direction, and click to view a visualization of emotions in that place. The intention is to explore and find patterns in human emotions with relation to space and time.

[via Creative Applications]