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March To The Beat Of Zimoun's 300 Cardboard Drums

Watch the Swiss sound artist construct the most kick-ass fort ever, and check out his newest sculpture

Everybody makes forts when they’re a kid. Blanket forts, pillow forts, whatever’s-around-the-living-room forts. It’s an age-old pastime, especially if there’s a storm, no power, and mom and dad don’t want to deal with hyperactive, bored children. Maybe it’s in that childish architectural spirit that we marvel at the sound sculptures of Swiss artist Zimoun. His massive cardboard constructions even manage to reference a storm, as hundreds of motorized pieces create a rhythmic, “thunderous” beat.

Since our last chat with Zimoun, the artist has released a behind-the-scenes film (above) of his recent exhibition at São Paolo’s Nova Festival. Attached to every motor on each cardboard box is a wire that is whipped around to beat on the cardboard, creating a soft rattle. Once the boxes are stacked to form a giant tower, the noise from the wires makes it sound like you’re standing in a giant rainstick.

In addition to this video, Zimoun has also released a preview of his latest sculpture. Instead of a loose wire, the new work beats a cotton ball against a thin cardboard box. Although the hummingbird-paced drum may not be overwhelming, we can only imagine what jumbo monolith the sculpture may be a building block for—maybe an Arc de Triomphe replicate?