"Samantha" Is Proof Dave and J Hus Are Two of Britain's Brightest Young Talents

Also includes what is perhaps the greatest line about going to the off-licence in music history.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
January 27, 2017, 11:17am

Have you been blessed? Traditionally, the act of consecration lays with a priest, who channels the almighty power from the heavens and down unto earth. In modern, or perhaps non-secular times, history shall remember this: J Hus in front of a stained glass window, his arms aloft, Dave writing a scripture, his form of cursive resembling the great 17th-century novelists and philosophers, who also wrote in leather bound books on deep wood grain tables. History will remember this moment, for this is the introduction to the blessing (and, in turn, the greatest Stone Island combo, probably ever).


This is how Dave and J Hus collaboration track and video "Samantha" begins. High art, cups of tea, slow-burning piano keys befitting a candle-lit room. Then an estate, a tower block, angled to better represent the intricate architecture that comes into view, contrasting yet corresponding with the stately aesthetic of the video's introduction. It sends a message: these man will be doing things, and when they operate it will be on a higher plain than you and your boys could hope to reach.

"Samantha" is a track straddling two worlds, its hook speaking to a mix of "gentleman with gangster". Mostly though, it's one big boast. "We sent your man to the shop / what do you mean? He ain't ever made it rain / your man is a fraud, your boyfriend's living a lie, you're kind of like Rachel Zane," Dave raps, before pulling out the cocksure missive of wearing so many Stone Island garms he doesn't even know, or probably care, how much it costs. All he knows is that "it's expensive :P".

Meanwhile Hus gloriously stumbles in, at the beginning of the track, with perhaps the greatest (and most simplistic) line ever written about a trip to the corner-shop. "Quickly stop off at the off-licence / bossman let me get a two-two drink / Galdem watch my ting / how about a crook and a princess combining?". Then there's a switch in tone, as Hus comes through with his moment of "preaching".

The track sees Dave singing, rapping, playing keys. It features production from Jae5. The video is shot by Dir. Lx. These are the facts. Above is the opinion. Below is the video. Press play, open up to the blessings, and admire these two young talents as they make their impressive movements into unchartered territory.

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(Image via YouTube)