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Pet-Sitting For the Apocalypse

The apocalypse is "back":, but your pet, who doesn't have a soul, is not coming with you...
October 21, 2011, 4:02am

The apocalypse is back, but your pet, who doesn’t have a soul, is not coming with you. That’s where the post-rapture pet sitter comes in. An interview with Bart Centre, founder of Eternal Earthbound Pets, from last time we did the end-of-the-world thing:

I emailed Centre to see if I could ask him a few questions on the eve of the rapture. I didn't think I'd get a response. The latest update to his site stated that his email had overloaded. I figured that this was due to an influx of last minute types taking care of niggling end of the world matters, like finding someone to feed the fish. But he called me back right away.

He said his email was indeed overloaded, but mostly with emails from journalists and people lambasting him for being an atheist who they perceive is ridiculing what could be the holiest day, like, ever. "The emails basically fall into three categories: There are those who say 'Who cares what happens to the animals, I'll be with Jesus,' and those who are like 'If you're an atheist, then you probably just want our dogs so you can eat them.' And then there are people who write to tell me that my service is unnecessary because 'all dogs go to heaven.' I tell them they shouldn't be getting their religious doctrine from a 1989 animated film."

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